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Maintaining a strong search engine presence is essential for any business in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. One key aspect of ensuring your website ranks well in search engine results is effectively managing your backlink profile. That’s where the power of Link Detox Boost comes into play.

Link Research Tools: Link Detox Boost (BOOST)

Link Detox Boost accelerates the link crawling and recovery process, enabling your website to reclaim its search engine visibility.

If you’ve experienced a drop in traffic, it’s highly recommended to consult the expertise of a professional link audit service. This ensures that the comprehensive approach discussed in this post aligns with the level of detail your chosen agency provides.

To really emphasise, for us, incorporating Link Detox Boost was a real game changer because it gave our team the confidence to classify link quality, allowing them to remove toxic backlinks and further set a quality standard for the types of links we build in the future.

What’s really exciting is that my team now uses these standards across our entire money site portfolio, directly increasing the volume of naturally acquired links we get from link bait campaigns.

Discover the precise last Google crawl date

Access to your pages’ exact last Google crawl date empowers you to assess the effectiveness of building robust backlinks while eliminating harmful ones. With this tool, you can develop live cause-and-effect models and unveil the genuine potential of its impact on your web pages as they ascend in search rankings.

This article will delve into some strategies we employ daily at Backlink Doctor to crawl and reindex thousands of off-site backlinks, which proves particularly beneficial for techniques such as in-content niche editorials.

What is Link Detox Boost?

Link Detox Boost is an innovative and powerful tool designed to expedite recovery from a Google penalty after performing a comprehensive backlink clean-up. This is especially useful for websites affected by Google’s algorithm updates, which target manipulative and unnatural backlink profiles.

Once you have manually identified and created a disavow file for toxic backlinks that violate Google’s guidelines, Link Detox Boost can be employed to ensure these harmful links are crawled and reprocessed by Google at a faster rate. This ultimately leads to a quicker recovery of your website’s search engine rankings and organic traffic.

Key benefits of using Link Detox Boost (BOOST)

Link Detox Boost is an invaluable tool for websites looking to recover from Google penalties and restore their search engine rankings. By accelerating the recovery process, optimizing link effects, and facilitating the rapid restoration of rankings, BOOST helps businesses regain their online presence.

Fast recovery from a Google Penalty

BOOST facilitates quick recovery from Google penalties, allowing your website to regain its position in search engine results.

Up to 3 days FAST, instead of 9 months

With BOOST, the recovery process takes as little as three days, compared to the nine months it typically takes without using the tool.

Speed up the effect of disavowed links

BOOST accelerates the disavowal process, ensuring that Google quickly recognizes and considers the disavowed links, which helps improve your website’s ranking.

Speed up the effect of changed or new links

BOOST optimizes the impact of newly added or modified links, improving your website’s search engine ranking faster.

Restore your Google rankings

By speeding up the recovery process and optimizing link effects, BOOST effectively restores your website’s Google rankings, helping you regain lost traffic and potential customers.

This is how LinkResearchTools describes the Link Detox Boost (BOOST) feature:

Link Detox Boost helps you recover from a Google Penalty. After you have uploaded a disavow file to the Google link disavow tool, you will want to speed up the disavow process. Your disavow file is only taken into account after a Google recrawl of all the links of your disavow file. This is what BOOST is for.

How to use Link Detox Boost by LinkResearchTools?

With the guidance of Backlink Doctor’s very own Rick Lomas, you can learn how to leverage the full power of Link Detox Boost and surpass its intended capabilities. Doing so can take your SEO strategy to new heights. Watch the video below and start optimizing your link detoxification process today!


Experience rapid recovery from Google penalties with our proven Link Detox Boost (BOOST) service, backed by the expertise of the Backlink Doctor team and Rick Lomas, the world-renowned Disavow Specialist.

Don’t compromise on link analysis results. With Link Detox Boost, you can elevate your website’s performance and rely on the guidance of LRT-certified professionals. Start your journey towards improved website performance today by partnering with us, and benefit from the unparalleled expertise of “The Best Disavow Specialist in The World.”

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